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We specialize in advising business owners and will seek to fully understand your business while also identifying areas of potential financial opportunity as the economic landscape changes. Our comprehensive financial solutions are aimed at fueling business growth while also helping with personal financial stability and prosperity. 

Partnering with entrepreneurs and business owners

By taking a comprehensive approach, we will help you clarify your goals, make informed decisions, and build the future you envision – for your business and personal life. Personal financial planning is important for business owners, but often neglected. We can align and integrate your business financial planning and personal financial planning for a streamlined approach when appropriate.

We offer businesses a number of services, including investment strategies, retirement plan solutions, insurance coverage, and succession/exit planning. We specialize in services for small to mid-sized businesses across various industries and at different stages in their growth.

We help business owners work towards protecting what they’ve built and supporting their employees. We believe in the potential of every business to be a significant asset for personal wealth creation, and we strive to unlock this potential for each of our clients.

We help business owners make important decisions and plan for their personal and professional financial futures

Succession Planning

We help you evaluate your range of options if there is a liquidity event. After exiting, we’ll harvest the wealth from the sale or transition of your business and integrate the assets into your personal financial plan and invest them accordingly.   

Buy/Sell Agreement

Do you have a Buy/Sell Agreement? Many business owners say yes, but many of these agreements are not funded when we investigate further. We’ll keep your business running by purchasing a policy that covers the overhead costs should illness, death, or disability prevent you from doing so.


Employee Benefits

We help you determine what benefits to offer your employees to help you stay competitive in the labor market while also taking costs into consideration.  

Group 401(k) Plans

Create group retirement plans that have the added benefit of significant tax deferrals and increased savings, while also helping with greater employee engagement and higher worker retention. We will help identify different types of retirement plans that make sense for you and your business.

Executive Bonus Plans

Attract top talent and potentially save on business taxes by offering Executive Bonus Plans where the employee purchases a life insurance policy, and the employer pays the premium (i.e., the “bonus”).

Risk Management

We review your personal and professional insurance policies to determine if you are adequately protected. We can help protect your business by ensuring you have adequate insurance policies for disability, overhead expenses, key man risks, errors and omissions, and more.   


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